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A guide to American country line dancing. It seeks to capture the atmosphere of the best "Dance Ranch" venues while covering all you need to know about the dances to get going. There are ideas for all ages and all dance abilities. Step-by-step photographs and explanations take the reader through 20 of the most popular dances, including the Electric Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, the Tush Push and the famous Achy Breaky. There are dance tips to help you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout, while features on the dance music and what you should wear should round out the picture for newcomers to the scene.

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Sijo, a traditional Korean verse form, has a fixed number of stressed syllables and a humorous or ironic twist at the end. Like haiku, sijo are brief and accessible. The...

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Looks at the history of dance, dance around the world, and influential dancers and choreographers of the past and present.

Akram Khan: Dancing New Interculturalism Infantiles PDF

Through seven key case studies from Khan's oeuvre, this book demonstrates how Akram Khan's 'new interculturalism' is a challenge to the 1980s western 'intercultural theatre'...

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Marcelo Gleiser refutes the notion that science and spirituality are irreconcilable. In The Dancing Universe, he traces mystical, philosophical, and scientific ideas about...

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Trisha Brown: So That the Audience Does Not Know Whether I have Stopped Dancing centers on a broad survey of Brown's visual arts practice going back more than three decades....

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