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Ulrich von Zatzikhoven's Lanzelet, dating from the end of the twelfth century, is a verse translation into Middle High German of what was probably an Anglo-Norman romance, now lost. It presents the story of Lanzelet (Lancelot), but in quite a different version from Chrétien de Troyes' Chevalier de la charrette. The first half of the tale concerns Lanzelet's knightly and romantic exploits on his way to discovering his true identity, while at the same time winning the beautiful Iblis as his wife. The second half revolves around Lanzelet's efforts to defend the honor of the Arthurian court and reestablish his own and his wife's kingdoms. As in much literature of the time, sex, violence and magic abound. This volume presents the first full translation into English, with a new, facing edition of the Middle High German text. It is accompanied by an introduction, variant readings and notes to the translation. Kathleen J. Meyer teaches in the Department of Languages and Ethnic Studies, Bemidji State University.

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