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"'How Michael Gove Saves the World' is part-biography, part-prophecy. It takes a look at the career of one of British politics' most divisive figures and predicts how this man and his radicalism could change the UK and the world as we know it." 2016 was an earthquake in Britain and across the world. The Brexit vote shook conventional politics to its core before events in America obliterated that core altogether. But while all about him are keeping their heads, CJ Wilmann is losing his. ‘There is absolutely no need to be afraid,’ he insists. ‘The world isn’t falling apart. It’s only just beginning. Humanity has a glorious future ahead of it and, what's more, it has a hero in its midst ready to make that future come to be.’ There’s just one problem. His hero is deeply misunderstood. He’s derided as a snake oil salesman who betrayed his friends for political gain. A megalomaniac who damaged our education system in pursuit of his deranged dogma. An unhinged sociopath who once tweeted, without irony, that Mrs Brown's Boys was 'pure genius'. This is the man who engineered Brexit and then travelled to New York to cosy up to President Trump. Surely he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy? So, rather than wasting time with his contemporaries, Wilmann addresses this treatise to the people of the future. The lucky folk who live in a world more plentiful than our own. A world of free speech, free trade and free schools. A world where history has delivered its justice and our age is considered with the pity and understanding it deserves. A world of untold opportunity and unending freedom. A world of peace, prosperity, fraternity. And Michael Gove.

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