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Bring the Bible to life for kids! As kids read the CSB One Big Story Bible, they will see scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented-reality, Digital Pop-Up™ format and listen to a narration by Jenna Lucado Bishop. This colorful, fully designed Bible meets children in the visual world they are so accustomed to by bringing Bible pages to life and showing young readers how they are a part of God's great story. Features include: •           Digital Pop-Up™ format using augmented reality on 146 full-page color illustrations •           Christ Connection feature that shows how each Bible story points to Christ •           Big Questions? feature to tell kids what they want to know •           100 Top Memory Verses for kids to learn •           Seeing the Big Picture feature that digs into key Bible stories and provides parents with discussion material •           Big Words feature that acts as a four-color Bible dictionary •           Introductions for every book of the Bible, written for kids to understand •           Complete text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) •           Full-color maps on 8 pages   Part of what makes the CSB One Big Story Bible so special is the readable, faithful-to-the-original text of the Christian Standard Bible. The CSB’s optimal blend of accuracy and readability makes it a trustworthy, easy-to-understand resource for kids to study and memorize today—and to live and share for a lifetime.This B&H Kids Bible includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book's message with their child. We're all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God's Word.

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