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Norfolk's military heritage dates back to the earliest times, from Iron Age forts, Iceni strongholds and Boudica's rebellion against Roman occupation to its front-line role with coastal defences and numerous airbases during the Second World War. The Romans left their mark with fortifications, garrisons and shore forts. The county was shaped by Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions and the Normans, whose castles still stand dominant in the county. Norfolk was the scene of uprisings and rebellions, including the Peasants' Revolt, Kett's Rebellion and Civil War conflicts. The men of the county led and filled the ranks of the local volunteers, militias and yeomanry during the Napoleonic Wars and was famed for its great maritime commander of the day - Admiral Lord Nelson. The county played a vital part in both world wars, not least suffering direct attacks by German battleships, Zeppelin air raids during the First World War and becoming a target during the Baedeker Blitz in 1942. The Royal Norfolk Regiment has a proud history, serving with distinction wherever they fought - from the Peninsular War to South Africa, through two world wars and beyond. Award-winning historian Neil R. Storey is a born-and-bred Norfolk man. He has published on military and social history themes for thirty years and knows and loves his county well. Norfolk's Military Heritage will interest anyone keen to know more about the county's remarkable military history.

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