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Your life is full of love from the person you've waited for all of your young life. You want for nothing because now you have it all. If being in the right place at the right time can be construed as the ultimate advantage in life, you are there. However, what if you were in the right place at the wrong time and you see something that you shouldn't? Why are you suddenly thrown into a world of slow motion as you try and escape? There is no sound, no feeling, no visual distortions, only a tunnel that is beginning to close slowly at the other end. You are an eyewitness to a Mafia hit. The assassins see you trying to run and now you are their next target.

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Zimbabwe, 1994. A group of children spot peculiar lights in the sky over the grounds of their school. From this moment on, six young people's lives are changed forever. Gary...

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A captivating volume of over forty short stories full of love, hope, and fear, from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Lady of Hay.Barbara Erskine is a born storyteller....

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Set in the same magical land as Encounters: CowGirl, and Encounters: The Unicorn, Rhona is a female centaur temporarily expelled from her herd and forced to serve a year...

Shakespeare's Cross-cultural Encounters Gratis Epub

A study of tragedies, comedies, romances, and histories, this book examines the dynamic interplay of three concepts-gender, text, and habitat-as metaphors for cross-cultural...

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It's going to be a tight fit...But it's sure worth trying! 31 stories of you know what...

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This second volume of the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons comic reveals how our favorite band of adventurers first came together! But in present day, Fell’s Five has found...

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