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The RPO, Football’s Run-Pass Option Offense is the hottest cutting-edge innovation currently sweeping the coaching fraternity at all levels of football! You will learn all aspects of the RPO and how you can instantly install and integrate this trailblazing football system into the scope and scale of your offensive attack! This comprehensive instructional football coaching book demonstrates the RPO from a diverse array of formations and sets and is jam-packed with informative diagrams, detailed illustrations, in-depth play descriptions, and coaching strategy, combined with coaching keys and progressions for every concept presented. Topics meticulously discussed in this book include:•RPO development and proliferation.•RPO advantages and disadvantages.•RPO formations and sets.•RPO blocking schemes, assignments, and pass protections.•RPO reads and conversions.•RPO tempo offense.•RPO running game attack.•RPO passing attack.•RPO offensive coordination and route structures.•RPO shovel-pass concepts.•RPO complementary screen packages.•RPO game goals and game situations.•Enhancing offensive productivity with the RPO.•Maximizing scoring output with the RPO.The landscape of football offense is in the midst of a transformative shift, with the RPO acting as the underlying causal effect; thus, it is imperative as a coach to, at the least, understand the foundational concepts of the system while comprehending how to develop and design an RPO attack that can supplement your offensive approach. No football offensive system and contemporary coaching library are complete without the new book, RPO: Football’s Run-Pass Option Offense. Access your copy today!

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