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The goal of this book is to show, in a simple and engaging way, the practice of psychotherapy and how, through it, people do change. Written for people of any background and education, the author explains his interventions, step-by-step, inviting the reader to witness several different treatments. Among the issues addressed in these case studies are: phobias, depression, grief, problems in communication, working with individuals, couples, and families. “Once they are spoken and become part of our recognized symbolic world, the unnamed fears that lurk in our unconscious —what we don't want to see— can be defeated by the same words that brought them to light and made them real. This is why psychotherapy, even if it is 'just words’, can help people change.” - - - - - Jorge Silva Rodighiero is a psychologist, and a master in clinical psychology and psychopathology. A Lacanian psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, he works with both youth and adults, in individual, couple, and family treatment.

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