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p>Angela Barron McBride has a long and renowned history in nursing leadership and education. This book, which focuses on developing nurse leaders, carries on in the tradition of her previous successes, including The Growth and Development of Mothers, recognized as one of the best books of 1973 by both The New York Times and the American Journal of Nursing. From then to now, she has exerted leadership from many positions, which the American Academy of Nursing has celebrated by awarding her the status of "Living Legend." This book draws on her extensive leadership experience as an internationally recognized nurse scholar and pragmatist to help all nurses develop their leadership abilities. The book's three sections address the major views of leadership that have occupied center stage in recent decades: leadership as personal, leadership as achieving organizational goals, and leadership as transformational. It references both literature and personal experiences that bring timely issues to focus, from career stages and mentoring needs, to developmental tasks by career trajectory, and more. Angela Barron McBride brings a practicality and insightfulness to the subject that will empower you when considering your leadership development, no matter your specialty or career stage.

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