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2 CD-Audios del Libro del alumno que corresponde al nivel europeo A1.2 perteneciente a la serie Schritte International, método con una base audiovisual y narrativa muy atractiva además de eficaz para el aprendizaje

International Regimes Cb Ebooks Epub

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As the global economy develops, international accounting has become an important and volatile field. This reference work aims to cover all important topics and keep readers...

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International Tax Law - Second Revised Edition Archivo PDF

With a century of solid theory behind it, tax law confronts a new reality: the weakening of the tenacious link between the sovereignty of states and taxation. Yet it is to...

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The end of the Cold War brought about new secessionist aspirations and the strengthening and re-awakening of existing or dormant separatist claims everywhere. The creation of...

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This is a unique study of the film musical, a global cinema tradition. The musical is one of cinema's few genuinely international genres but it has never been studied as a...

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