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Martial arts students don't just learn how to fight. They also learn lots of other important things they use every day—like confidence, for example. Confidence—feeling good about what you can do—gives you courage to try new things. It helps you do your best, at school, in sports, and throughout your life. Learning martial arts can help you feel more confident in school, at home, and with friends. Discover how martial arts can give you confidence!

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Discover The Art of Self Confidence and Not Giving A F*ck! The Confidence Playbook.
 In this confidence playbook, you’ll learn how to finally break through your fears and...

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So people call you shy and quiet? That's OK! Lots of people are shy, introverted, or have social anxiety disorder. In fact, most of those people grow up to be happy and...

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The origins of Karate are shrouded in mythology and a book that tells the art's complete history is both necessary and timely. The art of Karate was developed in the Ryukyu...

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On a beautiful, isolated trail in the Pacific Northwest, writer and martial artist, James Eke had a run-in with a wolf that would have a lasting impact on how he trains and...

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