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Surprising spatial experiences for all senses: This book features art, interior design, architecture, and striking scenography that leave lasting impressions. It is not a paradox that today--in the era of digitalization and e-commerce--the creation of tangible spaces is gaining in importance. A personal encounter triggers profound thoughts, strong feelings, and memories that last. In other words, the foundation of a meaningful relationship between artist and audience, museum and visitor, shop and customer, or brands and their communities is based uopon an unforgettable experience. Yet all these groups are more discerning than ever before: They want a personalized moment, want to be informed and entertained, pampered, surprised, and inspired. Liquid Spaces shows the many different ways in which this desired effect can be achieved. Galleries, museums, temporary events, pop-up shops, and flagship stores provide the settings for a wide spectrum of unconventional architecture and interior design, where playfully experimental installations or complex productions can be presented. Surprising materials, colors, shapes, and surfaces provide the props, which alongside innovated smells, sounds, and lighting concepts come together in expansive, stage-like gestures with sculptural details. High-end cars are presented like works of art. Art is displayed in the laboratories. Workshops become sacred sites of authenticity. The line between art and commerce is fluid; the quality of the experience is all that matters. Artists, scenographers, and architects, as well as interior and exhibition designers create these extraordinary situations. Liquid Spaces presents the most innovative concepts, most radical designers, and most demanding clients. Those who manage to create incomparable event spaces with local and international appeal, and those responsible for adding the next destination of must-see locations to the map.

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