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Novice diver, Zephyr Meyers, is frightened not only about entering the ocean on a stormy night, but also about her role as an environmental spy. The Ocean Observers group has sent her to Maui, Hawaii, to gather evidence against ex-SEAL Rip MacKinsey, the gorgeous dive master who has been accused of riding endangered sea turtles while leading dive trips for tourists. But the anxiety she felt at the beginning of the dive, is nothing compared to the anxiety she feels at the end of it when she finds herself being treated for hypothermia by the approved first aid treatment which is skin to skin contact with another person. Growing warmer in more ways than one, she is shocked to discover that the person who is applying the treatment is none other than Rip MacKinsey, the man she has been sent to betray! With her assignment and her outrage temporarily put aside, Zephyr must partner with Rip to prevent a shocking environmental crime. Danger and terror shadow their race against time to save a crucial habitat and kindle their growing love.

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I just want a taste of you. Or a touch. My fantasies about you plague my every waking hour. My only comfort is imagining that similar fantasies might obsess you too. When...

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'He dived. The world around him muffled as the cold water engulfed him. For the few seconds that his head was under the water, he thought he could hear it. The metallic...

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Alec Hammond is the country’s leading jump jockey, popula amongst his peers and adored by the betting public. He has won everything except the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the blue...

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Three young women from varying backgrounds risk everything to help a friend escape her abusive family. Still at odds with her own Muslim parents, Layla faces unexpected...

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Your brother and sister are deep-sea explorers that have discovered the ancient Lost City of Atlantis. Now you get to explore the mysteries of the sea, and you have 8...

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#3 in the Milan Jacovich mystery series . . . No one is as loyal to old friends as Cleveland private investigator Milan Jacovich (it’s pronounced MY-lan YOCK-ovich). So when...

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