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This scientific detective story is the first book which explains clearly the science used by paleontologists, and the new, cutting-edge techniques that led to the discovery of Seismosaurus, the longest dinosaur yet known--and possibly the largest land animal to have ever lived. Gillette's first-person account of the project answers the most frequently asked questions about Seismosaurus: How was it discovered? How do we know it is a new species? How did it die? Part catalogue of the workings of paleontological science in the 1990s, the book also illustrates the exciting collaboration between Gillette, the chemists and physicists who helped to reconstruct Seismosaurus.

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This intimate and beautiful study of Earth investigates the relationship between our planet, the sun, and the moon. Why are there seasons on Earth? How does day pass into...

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A lyrical and panoramic body of poems from the prize-winning poet, informed by a revolutionary vision about the earth, our home.

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A description of Earth, the third planet from the sun, which includes information on its origins, composition, and unique characteristics.

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Planet Earth. Four elements. One incredible story. Lonely Planet Kids' The Big Earth Book takes children on a rollercoaster ride through history, geography, science and more...

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From the best-selling author of Pulitzer finalist What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, Dinner at the Centre of the Earth is a spellbinding thriller, a spy novel...

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