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The Ayons lose their king, making way for a deadly new leader.King Samian is dead. In the aftermath of the fateful battle in the castle, Lord General Archis Varren launches a full-scale invasion of the south, determined to deal the Ronnesians a blow they will never forget.Stationed at Kilsney, Captain Rasmus Auran is the first to witness the fury of the Ayon attack. Forced to retreat, and hounded by their northern enemy every step of the way, Ronnesian hearts begin to despair.Yet Te'Roek provides only a temporary sanctuary, for Varren is determined to see it fall and will not stop until he rules the city from the castle itself.

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An episodic vampire tale about a biblical times slave who was transformed into a cyborg Vampire by alien abductors sent By God, Allah, Jesus, The Supreme being, The Universal...

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"I didn't believe him."Peter Brentwood was lying to her. He had to be. She had not known him before, they had never been lovers, and she had definitely not tried to murder...

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5. En plein milieu d'unfilm au cinéma, quand lasalle est pleine.4. Pendant une dispute.(Ça se dit mal: «Garde toninsulte en tête, je vais auxtoilettes et je reviens!»)3. Dans...

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A deeply satisfying page turner that progresses the story in ways you could never have guessed. How far would you go to catch a serial killer? As the hunt for the serial...

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This is the first in a series of art books, and is designed as a companion volume to the film "Star Wars". It contains the complete movie script by George Lucas, and -...

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