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The quantity of ash generated from the combustion of coal at various thermal power plants is expected to reach the level of 100 million tonnes per annum by the year 2000. Even with an optimistic utilization level of 30 percent, 70 million tonnes of unutilized ash will have to be disposed of in a safe manner on large tracts of land. This book addresses the subject of disposal of ash by wet or dry techniques, in ash ponds or ash mounds. The latest information relating to slurry transport systems, dry handling as well as design and operation of ash ponds and ash mounds is presented. Minimization of environmental impact, reclamation of old ash ponds and utilization/bulk storage of ash in embankments and fills are covered. Policy issues and strategies for safe management of ash disposal systems are discussed. Design engineers should find the topics of hydraulic design, pump selection, dense phase pneumatic conveying, raising of dyke heights, residual sediment discharge control, human settlements on ash ponds, ash embankments, structural fills and control of pollution to be of great utility. This book should provide useful information for operation and maintenance engineers at thermal power plants; researchers working in the area of ash disposal and utilization; students of civil engineering and mechanical engineering; policy makers in the power sector as well as the environmental sector; and consulting engineers involved in design and construcion of ash disposal systems.

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