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1875 Interior British Columbia, Canada. A wildnerness in which a lucky man can strike it rich in the Gold Fields, but has to be even luckier to make it back home with the gold, his life and his scalp. At least 50 prospectors are missing, along with countless young women who routinely entertain such men. In the middle of it is Jack Calvin, luckless, self-sabatoging 20-something Half-Breed prospector who routinely hears voices in his head and, on worse days, sees ghosts. Being as naïve about people as he is lucky with a gold pan, Jack winds up being blamed then framed for the disappearances by his mining partner, presumably by working with Bush Indians who are still on the warpath. Hiding from the world while learning about it, Jack gets hired on to work at a Stagecoach Station under the care and supervison of Agnes McFee, ugly, Bible-thumping, and secretly horny 50 going on 80 Scottish woman, as well as ‘Lady Agnes’, who runs the place with her pussy whipped husband and mentally-retarded brother in law. By a series of ‘accidents’, Jack winds up meeting Lizzy, 20-something fast talking, tall-tale telling hooker who claims to have worked with every famous outlaw in the American West. Jack is enamoured by Lizzy, and wants to have a life with her. But before doing so, he has to not only pull himself out of poverty, but get to the bottom of who really is behind the mass killings and kidnappings that is making gold-mining in British Columbia far more dangerous than anything Mother Nature ever made possible.

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“Harrowing but ultimately redemptive…the murder of Tanzania's albinos is a real and horrific phenomenon of the past 15 years, a cold fact that makes the fictional events in...

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Piet Boonstra has ridden motorcycles for almost a million miles, much of it in competition that has spanned seven decades. This book begins with his purchase of a new 1947...

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Shirley Temple, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer, Marlene Dietrich and Greta...

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Fourteen-year-old Maddie Bergamo has it all-looks, brains, mad moves on the basketball court, a cute crush, and true friends-and so far, her life seems right on track to make...

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Presents an overview of the history and key personalities of the Golden State Warriors from their beginnings in Philadelphia in 1946 through their move to California in 1962...

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Leo Fuchs is a Hollywood veteran who spent over 40 years shooting some of the most moving and memorable images ever made of 50s and 60s film icons. Fuchs’ introduction...

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