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Why did he have to say "Hello" when it could only ever end with a "Goodbye"? LucindaOf all the summer dance programs in the world, Lee Minhyuk enrolled in mine. I was in New York; he was from Seoul. I may have only been thirteen, but I'd fallen in love with him from "Hullo". For three years, we had seen each other at a handful of dance programs or written each other a dozen letters. This was the summer I was going to tell him. Sure, there were usually 7,000 miles between us, but I had a plan… Minhyuk My dream was to become a K-Pop idol. I was going to audition with my best friends, join the same agency, and debut together. I'd only gone to New York to get some more dance experience, but I’d met her and I couldn’t help but fall in love. Then I got accepted into Atlantis Entertainment. With my dream of being an idol in my grasp, the only thing I needed to do was let go of the beautiful American girl I loved. At least it was a sure bet she didn't feel the same way about me…

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