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One of the indispensable member of the healthcare team is the nurse. Compassion and caring attitude are some of the good qualities of the nurse as well as the other members of the healthcare team. The nurse who specializes in geriatric care and management is called a Gerontological Nurse (GN). Such a nurse have undergone specialized training in the field of geriatric care and management as a nurse practitioner, a specialist or a generalist. A certification examination is then required for the nurse to practice and earn the title of Gerontological Nurse. The Gerontological Nurse certification requires passing a test administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Depending on the type of examination, there is a prerequisite, otherwise known as eligibility criteria. For a GN nurse practitioner and CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist), an active RN license; postgraduate, masters or doctoral degree with advance courses in pathophysiology, health assessment, differential diagnosis, disease management, health promotion, and pharmacology is required. A GN generalist is required to have 2,000 practice hours in geriatric care and an active RN license. The examination contains 175 questions, of which 150 are scored and 25 are considered pre test. The policies and rules may change from time to time. The requirement stated in this book are true at the time of the author's research. This 2nd edition contains revised practice questions with rationale covering the different components of Gerontological Nursing. It is not intended to reflect the exact questions of the board examination. The author's intention is to provide effective review material for the reader. Various levels of difficulty are reflected in this book. There are easy and difficult questions. Sample Questions:*The nurse is explaining the coverage of Medicare part A to a 72 year old client with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Which of the following is included in the Medicare program? (a.medications b.inpatient psychiatric services c.speech therapy d.none of the above)*During an assessment, the nurse found raised skin tags for an 85 year old man. Which of the following identifies this finding? (a.acrochordon b.actinic keratosis c.cutaneous horn d.senile lentigine)*A 78 year old client with Alzheimer's disease demonstrated spatial disorientation. Irritability and agitation were also observed. What will be the best intervention for this type of client? ( family pictures b.administer Aricept c.provide a safe place to wander d.none of the above)*The nurse is assigned to a 90 year female old client with acute renal failure. Her serum creatinine is 0.9 mg/dl and weighs 40 kilograms. What would be the client's creatinine clearance? (a.28 ml/minute b.26 ml/minute c.24 ml/minute d.22 ml/minute)*A female client with substance abuse disorder is undergoing assessment. She told the nurse “I got some reefer inside my bra”. Which of the following is being implied by the client? (a. marijuana b. cocaine c. heroin d. none of the above)*A 75 year old client with delirium is undergoing assessment. The other clients feel threatened by the client’s behavior. Which of the following caused the client’s condition? (a. dehydration b. psychiatric comorbidity c. functional dependence d. all of the above)

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