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Over the course of many centuries, the ancient Roesanian people built a flourishing empire around their homeland. The eons of prosperity that followed were finally cut short by invasions from a barbaric alliance, and while the empire drew its last breath, a disgraced warrior set out to save his people from total annihilation. Thus begins a fantasy epic of the most grandiose proportions, as the Roesanians struggle to survive in an ancient world lush with catastrophe. Brutal wars, bloodthirsty tyrants, and vicious beasts all contribute to the madness of their history as told through three of the most legendary of their leaders.In this debut novel, J. W. Barlament explores a philosophy of relentless liberty throughout its chaotic development. With the heart of freedom beating constantly in the background, issues of divinity, war and morality torture the minds of rulers trying only to better themselves and their dominions. The Roesanian people are thrown into calamity time and time again, serving as merely the beginning of the chaos of living within a delicate world order waiting to implode.

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