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Politics today and throughout history requires a triumvirate of Power, Money, and Popularity, just as fueled the success of Julius Caesar in ancient Rome. When the ruler dies, his three sons, a Merchant, a Soldier, and a Priest, must build consensus to go forward and rule the country? Iysobel is written in the tradition of a Shakespearean tragedy: in iambic pentameter, with prose and poetry, story twists, witticisms and double meanings throughout, but in readable, modern English. Unique to the stage is a sword fight that physically demonstrates the meter of the spoken word, matching the pace by thrust and parry. Each character in turn reveals ambition and weakness. The players touch on Love, War, Gold, Religion; even math and astrophysics! The dialogue specifically is written with ample cues and breaks for the actor, throughout to the end to keep the reader’s attention. With fast pace and emotion, and easy to understand the action, the reader will be left to ponder the intricate web of human relationships which control politics even today.

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