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This E-Book is packed with some of the finest mental and psychic effects from the mind of the legendary Ted Annemann. The Modern Mind reader, Psychic Writing, Double Telepathy Routine, Penetrating Vision, and other great effects from the man whose influence reshaped modern mentalism.Also includes effects by Hewitt and J. G. Thompson. Among the effects you will find the famous Mental Masterpiece from Annemann.Mental Effects Include:• Annemann's Diabolo Pellet Reading• The Modern Mindreader (Hewitt)• Annemann's Psychic Writing• Annemann's Mental Masterpiece• The New Double Telepathy Routine (Annemann)• Greta Annemann's Eyes of the Unknown• 30th Century Television (Hewitt and Annemann)• Coincidence (Hewitt)• Penetrating Vision (J. G. Thompson)• The Impromptu Mind Reader• GETIT! (Annemann)16 pages, some with illustrations.

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