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Cleo, a Bahamian boa, one of the misunderstood animals of The Bahamas, rescues Tabby, a Five-Finger Fairy. In trying to find Cleo a safe place to live, this unlikely pair help each other and the people they meet. Tabby loves Bahamian wildlife, Bahamian bush teas, and making friends with both animals and humans alike. This book focuses on important conservation issues that threaten Bahamian wildlife, such as wildlife smuggling, habitat loss, invasive species and human intolerance of animals such as snakes and spiders.

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Boy meets girl.Girl was scared of opening up,scared of love.Boy assures girl that everything will be okay.Until it isn't.

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Can We Still Be Friends is the debut novel by the editor of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman.Summer, 1983. Best friends, Sal, Annie and Kendra are fresh-faced and fresh out...

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I was bitten severely by a little dog when with my mother at Moffat Wells, being then three years of age, and I have remained "bitten" ever since in the matter of dogs. I...

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