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Genomics and genome technology is having, and continues to have, a major impact on all areas of bioscience research providing insights into the key area of molecular mechanisms of cells in health and disease. This is causing a profound effect on biomedical science and is accelerating the development of new diagnostic applications. This book provides a timely, graduate level introduction to the fast-paced area of genomics and clinical diagnostic technologies and introduces the concept of applications based on this area. The initial chapters focus on principal molecular technologies that underpin the information in the later chapters. In addition to introductory areas of nucleic acids and techniques in molecular biology, bioinformatics and proteomics, other key diagnostic areas such as the use of immunological reagents are covered. The later chapters provide more specialised examples of currently used diagnostic technologies and insights into selected key diagnostic challenges including specific examples of molecular microbial diagnostics and molecular biomarkers in oncology. The running themes through the chapters provides an insight into current and future perspectives in this rapidly evolving field.

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