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Seguro que has acabado en esta web porque buscas comprar POEMS from a Teen: In her 20s pero no sabes cu├íl es opci├│n que mejor te vendr├şaÔÇŽ ┬íPero lo ├║ltimo que quieres es equivocarte! Permite que te comente que eso pone de manifiesto que eres una persona reflexivaÔÇŽ ┬íY eso es genial! Por suerte, ponemos a tu disposici├│n lo mejor en POEMS from a Teen: In her 20s ÔÇŽ ┬íVamos a verlo!

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"It is not your traumas of the past that determine your future. It is your reaction to them." -D'Lisa DarLuz Poems From a Teen (a lyrical prelude to DarLuz's "My Choice Not Choose" ) is an artistic expression of maturing emotions buried inside the soul of a young adult. These poems are original pieces of work from DarLuz's teenage years, through her early 20's. The collection has not been altered, edited, or rewritten. Categorized into elements of self discovery, social reasoning, love, and pain, "Poems From a Teen" takes the reader on a growing journey, universal to every young adult's experience.

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Francesca Lia Block, critically acclaimed author of Weetzie Bat, brings this eerie and redemptive ghost story to life with her signature, poetic prose. It's perfect for fans...

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Looking for daily Teen motivation and daily inspiration?This 30 day Action Plan epic book, is a powerful resource, that will empower and transform teens and youth to walk in...

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