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Our hands are truly amazing! We use them for so many things: to say hello, give high-fives and even super-sized hugs. With beautiful illustrations and artfully crafted messages, author Dennis Hall encourages children and families to think of ways to use their hands to unlock their own hidden potential. This book's timely messages are sure to enchant and inspire both the young and the old to think about ways they could use the power of their hands to be more amazing!

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Fun, silly, and great for convincing your children to wash their hands! Zeke's sister is sick. When Zeke's mom gives him a list of hand washing rules to read before school,...

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Pongo, a spirited young orang-utan, loves his life in the rainforest. His days are spent alongside his mother in the magical tropics of Borneo. Playing amongst the vines,...

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Look Ma! No Hands! is my fourth poetry book, containing old poetry from old papers once forgotten, and new poems from a surge of inspiration. This 150 page poetry collection...

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