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Malem's back, and he's free of Vorgon and all things demon.It's time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. His newly acquired army is building a city for him and his companions in the forest. He hasn't figured out how he's going to pay his soldiers, but he's confident things will work out: he has a few princesses and queens serving on his personal advisory board, after all, and they have some experience in nation building (among other special talents).He also has a couple of new women who've recently joined his team, and they need to be brought up to speed, in more ways than one. But it isn't all fun and games in the Kingdom of Malem. Building a new city in the heart of monster territory is bound to attract some attention, and not the good kind. So when he faces a large-scale attack from an unknown enemy, it doesn't really come as a surprise.To stave off this latest threat, Malem must once more don his Breaker's hat and return to the fray with his lovely companions.Featuring hot women, ugly monsters, a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, and a massive battle between armies.

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