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The term "art therapy" was coined when it was recognized that painting, drawing and modelling had healing effects on people. The early practitioners saw themselves as facilitators in setting free a spontaneous inaginative activity. In this text the author makes a plea for the therapist to return to a trust in the therapeutic value of the creative process itself. Drawing on her memories of working with some of the pioneers of art therapy, and on her own experience as a painter and as an art therapy practitionar, her argument surfaces through observation, speculation, case history and quotations from artists, poets and analysts.

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"Danger Zone" celebrates the 30th anniversary of KISS' "Crazy Nights" through a series of interviews with principals directly involved in the creation of the album. These...

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Quest for Adventure is a collection of stories written by Sir Chris Bonington looking at the adventurous impulse which has driven men and women to achieve the impossible in...

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There's no other book like this. Longtime running writer Scott Douglas marshals expert advice (especially his own, cultivated from more than 110,000 miles of personal...

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Exploring the often contentious issues of race, racism and culture in relation to the art therapy experience, the contributors to this volume examine the impact of racial...

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