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¡La Palabra Viviente en colores vivos! RVR 1960 Biblia ColorMax es una Biblia de bolsillo en espanol que se caracteriza por tapas de simulacio´n cuero de colores inusualmente brillantes. Es ideal para estudiantes que deseen declarar su fe de una manera audaz. Entre las caracteri´sticas se incluyen las palabras de Cristo resaltadas en tipo rojo, una pa´gina de dedicatoria, una concordancia de 62 pa´ginas, notas al pie, 365 lecturas devocionales, un resumen de cada libro de la Biblia, un panorama de la historia bi´blica, etc.The Living Word in living color! RVR 1960 Biblia ColorMax is a pocket-size Spanish Bible featuring uncommonly bright colored simulated leather covers. It’s perfect for students who want to make a bold statement of faith. Features include the words of Christ highlighted in red type, a presentation page, 62-page concordance, footnotes, 365 devotional passages, a summary of each Bible book, a Bible history overview, and more.

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This book is a comprehensive illustrated study of coachbuilders and coachbuilding in Britain. The author sets the scene by describing advances in fashions and techniques of...

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Entering service in the early 1960s, the M60 tank was in production for 23 years and formed the backbone of US Army and Marine armoured units during the Cold War. Over 15,000...

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Ebook Como Descargar Libros Edicion Especial Con Referencias-rv 1960 PDF Gratis Descarga

A thoughtful and affordable gift, this comprehensive Spanish reference Bible includes study features usually found only in much more expensive editions. Features include:...

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