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Contemporary Japanese Philosophy: A Reader is an anthology of contemporary (post-war) Japanese philosophy showcasing a range of important philosophers and philosophical trends from 1945 to the present. This important and comprehensive volume introduces the reader to a variety of trends and schools of thought. The first part consists of selections and excerpts of writings from contemporary Japanese philosophers who have made original contributions to Japanese philosophy and promise contributions to world philosophy. Most of these selections appear in English for the first time. The second part consists of original essays written for this volume by scholars in Japanese philosophy on specific trends and tendencies of contemporary Japanese philosophy, such as feminist philosophy, the Kyoto School, and environmental philosophy, as well as future directions the field is likely to take. Ideal for classroom use, this is the ultimate resource for students and teachers of Japanese philosophy.

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COMBAT GONKA Fighting Philosophy is a collection of essays and training outlines on the philosophical and mentally preparatory aspects of street fighting.

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