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How do you introduce life's most difficult lesson to your child? Michael is a boy, still too young for school, that loves baseball and playing catch with his daddy. After Michael's daddy has an accident, Michael says, "It feels like I lost my smile forever." What words can Mommy say to help Michael through this time? Will Michael ever find his smile again? This story is the first in a series designed to help parents start conversations with their little ones about some of life's more difficult lessons. Michael's story was originally written to help my baby sister cope with the loss of her father. Michael's journey helped her progress through her own grieving process and it is my hope that his story can help your family as well. Please share Michael's story with your children before they experience a loss of their own, or to help them find their smile if have lost someone special.

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Michael's Sad Day: When He Lost His Smile: 1 Torrent PDF

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Michael's Sad Day: When He Lost His Smile: 1 PDF Online

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