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Add This Book To Your Library For Free on Kindle UnlimitedBullying remains one of the largest problems that many children have to deal with on a continuous basis. This book shows the progression of a bullied child from pain to deliverance as he ponders the question, "What would you do if you were bigger?"An addendum is also added to the back detailing the main responsibility of everyone associated with the epidemic; the bullied, the parents, the bystander, the school, and the bully.Packed With IllustrationsScroll up and grab a copy today.Bullying, Bullying Books For Kids, Emotions, Bullying Fiction, Bullying Books, Self Esteem For Kids, Self Esteem For Children, Bullies

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Why does the ancient legend of King Cantu's Wave, a gateway to another earth, a mystical-scientist of the early twenty-first century, a W.W.II Marine Corp officer battling...

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Friends from birth. A secret comes to light. A seed recently fallen has taken root. It has grown. What was once unseen is now all but unquestionable. Almost insurmountable....

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With Zomboss's army on one side, and the Anti-Bully Squad army's on the other, Nate and Patrice must join forces with Crazy Dave to beat them… but could Crazy Dave's ice...

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An important story that will empower young children dealing with bullying that includes inventive ideas for overcoming it She's big. She's smart. She's mean. She's the bully...

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Bullying is a problem in every school at every age level. Learning how to stand up to a bully is toughand so is learning not to be a bully yourself! Readers learn what a...

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This bully bullied the wrong kid. Ben Bessman is excited about starting seventh grade, until the first day of school, when he runs into bully Kevin Kincaid at the candy...

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